January 15, 2007

If everyone trashed trash

I was out walking with a friend today in a forest where he has often walked.
At some on that walk I saw this water hole inside some conifers in the forest, the path we were walking were passing close by the little water hole and next to the path there were some different strange things lying nicely in order. Silently I wondered what had been going on there.

As we came closer my friend told me that this was a place where some people some time in the past had dumped all kinds of trash, he then had cleaned the place somewhat up.
Often when he came by that place he would bring some trash with him to the nearest dumpster (which I think is at least a kilometer away). The things that were lying neatly ordered by the path were the things that he had not been able to bring with him yet, most of them were heavy iron things so that was quite understandable.

I think that showed a very nice trait in my friend, something that there is far to far between in people today as far as I can tell.
One way to tell that is to take a look at all the trash lying around when you take a walk, it is by far worst when walking close to a place where a lot of people pass, like a road out in the country (inside the city there usually are people paid to clean the place now and then, at least here in Denmark).

It would really be nice if people would take home their own trash, that is really all that is needed.
After all there are people out there like my friend and I who will bring trash we find to the nearest dumpster, I am OK with you leaving this to people like us, if just all of you others bring home your own trash.
If this was possible then in a few years I think there would be very little trash lying around in nature.
That way we would as humanity do a lot of less damage to our environment and we would all be better able to enjoy the beautiful planet we are living on.

Sadly I feel quite certain that these things are not going to happen in this world, still I can do my little part and I invite others to do their little part.

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