January 20, 2007

When things are changing

Right now a lot of changes are going on here.

Many governmental systems have changed from the year change of 2007, because of something called a "kommunalreform" which I was very much against when I was still politically active, but which I don't care much about anymore. Part of these changes is the environmental agencies that once were gathered in the so called "amt" have now been moved out to all three different levels of administration, and the old "amt" have been shut down.
In short this means no one knows who is doing what and for my case it means I don't know how much work I will have this coming spring season of field work.
I think the change and uncertainty is nicely reflected in the home pages of the newly created miljøcenter, who some days ago had a pretty much empty homepage that would be "filled in with time", right now the homepage is then down so that is all nice and very comforting.

Another thing is that is maybe about to change is my housing situation, but that is not something I plan on writing about here.

Blogger changed from old to new blogger, I like the new blogger, but I don't like the front page of Blogger before I sign in, it is extremely slow, probably because of the thing at the bottom where new blogs titles come in all the time.
I have been looking for another way to sign in to blogger, I haven't found it yet, not one that I would trust with my password anyhow, but if one doesn't show up at some point I might consider moving this blog to another format.

Another page that has been behaving really badly is Technorati, their service seems to be down most of the time, I registered this blog there, but I am not overly existed of what I have seen there since then.

It seems to be the entire blogosphere has been a bit overheated lately, which btw. is nicely reflected in a competition like the Love to Lead that Toshiba has launched to get some publicity for some kind of new release from their them, I considered joining the competition at some point, but then again I would just be supporting another computer with Windows Vista installed pr. default (maybe Vista will be the point where I loose total knowledge of M$ products, that would be kind of nice, I have no intention of learning to use Vista if I can avoid it) and I have no chance of winning with the few readers I have on my blog and my bad writing skills. And really I don't want to lead, not with my blog or anywhere else, I might consider participating here and there, but leading is not something I have any wish for.

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