January 13, 2007

Calculating the value of a change in lifestyle

Yesterday a friend told me about this test called the life expectancy calculator. I took the test expecting to get a result saying something like your life expectancy is 89 years, which I also get, not really all that interesting (there of course are lots of factors a test like this doesn't take into account and there are many other flaws in this kind of test).
However the cool thing about this test is that it gives you some useful response to your answers to the questions asked and ways you can improve your life expectancy and how much each action taken in your life would improve your life expectancy. That is really nice and useful, that kind of gives you an idea how much this and this change would be worth in terms of living years (remember there can be other positive benefits apart form a longer life) and that way have a better idea if this or that change to your life is sensible or not.

If you are not from the USA I suggest you enter "00000" on the question of zip code.

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