November 17, 2006

The beauty of Thy

I have the last few days been working in northwestern Jutland, being outdoors all day. I will be going back in a few days again to complete the job there.
The area is really beautiful, it has been quite windy and the waves at the shore of the north sea shore is truly amazingly beautiful, make you feel how little I as a human am compared to the forces of nature. I think it is healthy for me and my emotional welfare to get this experience of how little I am compared to the forces of nature.

My boots have served me well, the groundwater table is apparently quite high in the area and there lot's of area with shallow water, we are moving all around the place outside roads and in all kind of terrain out there and I would often have had wet feet had it not been for my Lowa boots that I do my best to treat well in spite of the tough use, they pay me back by keeping my feet dry which is something one really learns to appreciate working as a geophysical fieldworker.

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