November 29, 2006

Captain aka Garfield

For some reason I have not been able to sleep all that well this night, I did get early to bed for me standards (22:00) but still getting up 4:30 is a little early in my book.

Captain has been in here with me for some time. He really starts to resemble Garfield in more and more ways.
One thing is that he has gotten a bit overweight lately, but it is not as if he recognizes that when he moves around, he probably still thinks of himself as a little kitten.
He also seems to be more and more obsessed with food, my fridge in here is standing on the floor and for some reason Captain seems to think that every time I open that fridge I do it so that he can get in there.
When making a few slices of bread or something like that it is not unusual to open the fridge a few times, but even though I try and tell Captain quite strongly that I don't open the fridge for him to walk in there the first time I open it I have to fight just as much to make him understand it the second, third, fourth etc. time I open the fridge door.
Captain also seems to have gotten a liking of my plants here on the table.

It seems I had better start to hide these Garfield comics a bit better away, seems Captain is reading them when I don't look.

Arbuckle errrh Arne ;)

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