October 20, 2006


I found a new program today that I think I am going to have quite a benefit from using.

The program is called Grisbi, it is a personal accounting program.
I have never really been lying a solid budget, I actually don't have much clue of how much my living expenses are and generally so far I have pretty much just been making sure that I didn't spend more than I had in my account, but I never did much planning as to my economic situation.

I think the time I will invest in trying to get a track of my economic situation would be well invested as it will help me see how much I actually need to work and where I can save some money also.

Grisbi seems pretty simple, I have not been reading any manuals on the program so far and I think I already have it up and running with the most simple features, I plan to be writing in all my expenses in the coming time and see what information I can get out of these data.

I found out about this program in a bit of strange way, I was just looking through a book about Ubuntu, which one of my friends is a fan of, and in the back of that book there was a list of Linux programs that could be used instead of the windows programs one was used to using (I guess it was written mostly for windows users, thinking about trying out Linux). I don't remember what the windoze program was that it was supposed to replace, but I guess that isn't a big wonder as I haven't been using an accounting program in neither Linux or Windoze before.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this and if I can keep on writing in my expenses and incomes in this little program.

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