October 30, 2006

Alarm Clocks

I find myself in an eternal struggle to figure out a way to get myself out of bed.
Right now I use my cell phone with a quite annoying melody that I know by heart and my old JVC stereo (the image) that plays either a CD or the radio in the morning.
I need both of them most mornings if I need to get up at a certain time and even then with my stereo blasting away at what to my ears sounds as far to loud and cell phone playing an annoying melody I again and again find myself sleeping away from the it all and get up to late.
The problem with only running one of these alarm clocks is that they both have drawbacks which make it much easier sleeping away from them.
The JVC plays music which is something that can be quite nice to stay in bed and listen to, instead of doing what I am supposed to do .... get out of bed.
The cell phone only plays this annoying tune every 10 minutes and it only lasts 30 seconds or so, the first time it plays it this is hardly enough to wake me up and 30 seconds is shorter time than it most often takes me to pull myself together to get out of bed.

I guess I could take in use more violent measures to get out of bed in time, but really I don't mind oversleeping a bit now and then if that means my day won't be ruined. I can't stand to get out of bed to fast and be in a hurry, the rest of the days usually goes wrong.
I prefer to have at least have an hour in the morning where there is nothing I need to get done and can just sit and look out into the air (or the computer screen).

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