July 07, 2006

Do I still belong at Aarhus University?

I am sitting at the university of Århus right now.
It is the first time I am here for months. I am just here to pick up my old laptop from my locker that I want to bring to Zealand where I am going to work the next three months or so.
I have this feeling that I don't really belong here anymore, once this place had a lot of appeal to me, it was kind of the high caste of knowledge to me. The magic of this place is somehow gone now.
I know I have a long way to go through all kind of stupid paperwork if I am to get a degree from this place, the line of study that I followed here doesn't exist anymore, I haven't been fast and dedicated enough, studying only part time. They have been going through so called "study reforms" many times during my time as a student, I don't think has gone to the better, everything is even more focused on results and exams now, I don't feel there is really room for going to the depth with things like I felt there was when I started here back in 1999.

Maybe I will like it here again if I start following some teaching, but the culture here doesn't appeal to me anymore. Everyone is surfing the surface, there is very little kindness and care here, people are purely logical and to some degree cynical. I don't like this.

I don't know what I want to do with this half done education that I have here ... but the experience of being here today doesn't help me gain more interest in spending more years here. Still maybe that is the right thing to do ... I really don't know.
I will be working the next three months a lot more than what is usually thought of as full time here in Denmak (37 hours a week) so for that time university is not an issue at all.

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