June 23, 2006

Swamp walking

Yesterday at work we had to pull some cables through a swamp.
It was an interesting experience, besides the fact that I have been removing quite a few of these little bloodsucking beasts (I don't remember their english name) afterwards and my feet, socks and lover legs were soaked after an hour in there (I worked there for at least 7 hours), I really enjoyed it.
I had to cut myself a way through the plants, which is quite a special feeling. Had I not brought a compass in there I am not sure I would have been able to find the right way through it all, the GPS also gave up as it "needs a clear view of the sky" as it kept telling me: Yeah right budy, I am in the middle of a swamp how do you suppose I should find clear sky ;)
At times the ground was so soft that I had to put out dead wood to make temporary bridges over these places, while at other times I had too jump from place to place where the ground could carry my weight.

There are far to few places like these left in Denmark but actually we have a few of them close to my hut. I think I will spend a bit of time exploring them in the future.

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