June 17, 2006

Growing a darker skin and Kvistur getting new horseshoes

Finally I have a little time to write here again. I have not had the opportunity to write here because of a lot of work these last days.
It has been quite enjoyable working even if also quite tough, especially because of the heat. I think I have been drinking at least 12 liters from Tuesday to Thursday this week. Especially Tuesday I consumed extreme amounts of water, I was working in a corn field, with the corn at the height of my hips. There was almost no wind and the temperatures in the shade was well above 25 degC, inside the corn it was a lot hotter and when we were trotting a new path through the corn (which we did pretty much all the time) I felt how the heat was rising from the ground and corn up past my face, making it hard to breath. Often I was also dragging more than 50 kg. along. A pretty tough, but at the same time efficient way to get a darker skin color ;)
I don't think I have ever enjoyed an ice cream as much as the one I bought when we had a little break.

It is really nice to be able to work again after having been idle for a month because of my ankle. It is a bit tough as I am not in the physical shape I was in before I sprained my ankle, but the endurance and strength is coming back to me pretty fast.

Kvistur has gotten a set of nice new shoes yesterday, his hooves are not that strong. He had lost one shoe while I was away and the hoof that he had been walking on was pretty worn down, the hot weather these last days have not made things better, with the hoof getting dry. I feel a bit bad that I was not there to help my horse with his dry hooves and the lost shoe.
The skilled farrier that comes here did a really good job with this damaged hoof. Kvistur behaved OK getting new shoes, even though he did protest a few times when he got bored. The farrier handled it very sensibly, being all calm along the way and that also made it a lot easier for me to calm down Kvistur.

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