June 12, 2006

Good morning /.

Well this morning I awoke to find that for the first time (and the second time I submitted anything) my submission to /. composed yesterdays morning had been accepted during the night (DK time).
So this probably means that there will be a few people from /. clicking over on this site, they are just as welcome as anyone else, but I doubth they will hang around much longer than anyone else, I think I generally write blog posts that are a bit to long, a bit to boring and with to little content ;)

Later today I will be picked up by one of my co-workers, we will be going away for full time duty for a few days where I probably will not be able to write in here. I will be trying to put in as many hours as I can pressure out of my foot and my co-worker, as there are other jobs of the same type waiting for me if I get this over with fast enough.
This is the season where there is plenty of work for me, so I'd better earn a little extra to make it through the winter where there is not as much geophysics work around.

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