June 11, 2006


I finally found a good way to efficiently browse news. I have for a least a year and probably more used RSS to follow some news channels. Firefox's booksmarks is a bit clumsy for this even though I have made it a habit to use them, they waste a lot of my time. A the firefox plugin that I also occasionally use to browse the firefox bookmarks more efficiently is Sage, this program is OK but somehow doesn't work for me, I keep on falling back to the standard bookmarks in firefox. Thunderbird should be able to read RSS channels also, but it doesn't seem to work at all for me.
Now I have been using the Liferea for some time and find it very efficient. Especially the sorting ability within this program is useful. I am able to configure pretty much anything I need to configure in this reader. Also I am able to run this program offline, which I plan to use for my laptop when making it possible for me to bring along a bit of news reading for the bus travel or other places where I will be without internet access.

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