May 16, 2006

My thermos bottle and dreams of trees

Today the weather has turned Danish again, a pretty much constant drizzle of rain and cold winds from west.
I am not one to complain about this change of weather, I like it.

On a morning like this the wonder of the thermos bottle is really nice. I have this one bottle that I got from my mother, I think it was one of her clients that had forgotten it and it had never been picked up again. This bottle has been with me for some years now and it works better than any other vacuum bottle I have ever tested. The tea is still steaming hot even though it was made 16 hours ago.
Lately I have started drinking a lot of tea again. It is really nice as I am not able to move as much as usual because of my ankle, the tea makes my body relax and makes it a lot easier to sit down and work at the computer.
I don't really understand why people use coffee for this purpose, coffee makes me unsettled. The only purpose I use coffee for is helping me stay awake when I need to.

Last evening Steffen, the man of the house I live next to, cut down a tree close to my hut. I am still feeling sad and hurt over this. I know the tree had to go, the horses had been eating away the bark before anyone did anything about it and the tree would have died soon anyhow, but still I can't help but be sad to see this beautiful tree go down.
I dearly love trees, they all have their own personalities. Following big trees from they are just a seed or acorn and through their entire lifespan is one of my big dreams, planting a forest, watching it grow and slowly turn into primeval forest, that is one of the things I look very much forward to when the short lifespan of humans is gone.


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