May 15, 2006

A little revelation on motorcycle

Today I for the first time was out riding motorbike on the road, I really enjoyed it.

We were driving three people in formation with our teacher behind us in car and with radio contact.

After a few minutes I had gotten used to the feeling of the wind, from there on it was pure pleasure. If transport has to be motor driven this is the way. Everything is experienced much "closer" than in carm the feeling of the road, with the motor and vehicle is so much better. It is not like in a car where you risk halfway falling asleep because of the bore of driving ... going from A to B is going to be a pleasure this way.

Another cool little feature is how much power you have when only weighing ~300 kg and have plenty of horsepower to give from.
At one point we got stuck behind a truck and our teacher told me (I was riding in front) that when there was room I could just overtake. Me not really having tested this power before waited nicely to have plenty of room ahead for a long overtake, when that room was there and I fired of the power of the little bike. It wasn't much more than blinking before I was past and a few seconds later the two other bikes and my teacher with his fancy four wheeled BMW was past.
I start to understand what my brother meant when he said it could be difficult to stay within the speed limits ... I will have to watch myself when I am let out on my own.

I wonder why it took me so long to get this mc drivers license. I am really happy that I have finally gotten this started :)


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