April 19, 2006

Trains and busses

Today Kvistur got on shoes again after having been without shoes for some months, the farrier showed up 8:30 as we had agreed. I had more or less just gotten out of bed even though my alarm clock was set for 7:00. Getting out of bed in the morning can sometimes be quite a struggle for me, especially on days like today.
Yesterday I was out drilling boreholes for Geoscandic. I turn up for work 7 sharp in Hjortshøj, that means that I am not able to go there by public transportation out here from Ans in the morning, so I have to come up with some other solution. Yesterday the solution I found was to get a lift with my co-babysitter, Mille, who works in Ikea and starts work at 5:00, from Ikea to Geoscandic there was something like 1.5 hours of walk so that fitted pretty well. When Henning, my boss at Geoscandic, showed up he soon got a call from my coworker that he had a littlle problem getting to work because the busses in Århus held something called a "fagligt møde" which has something to do with the union and is in some ways comparable to striking, I think later on the day they went into a strike. I don't really know what to think about these union conflicts, I do understand both parts in the conflict and the only conclusion I can draw from this is that it is just another sad sign how humans are good at creating big conflicts when there are not enough of them gathered somehow and there is not some kind of good and strong leadership above all parties involved.
Anyhow after Henning had been to the other side of Århus picking up my co-worker we worked until 5 pm, after that I had something a long way home, first going to Århus and then a long wait for a bus to Ans. I think I was home something like 10 pm and went straight to bed.
I really look forward to when I get myself a motorbike, then all this transportation problems will hopefully be over. I will be starting to get my motorcycle drivers license on the 25th of April.
Tomorrow I will be working for Geoscandic again, but this time I start at 8 in the morning so at least I will be able to get there by public transportation, but I still need catch the bus from Ans 5:13 (4 km. from Ans) compared to being able to leave from here something like 7 and as long as we are above 0 deg. c the trip would also have been so much more enjoyable riding on a motorcycle.
So much text just to explain why I am tired today. I am not known for being brief or coming straight to the point when writing, so dear readers please bear with me.

Kvistur behaved pretty well when getting new shoes today or at least much better than I have feared after I have been spending anything near half the time I wish I had during the winter. He is behaving more and more like a stallion. After Kjarkur, the other youger gelding living here left because he has been the lone tyrant of the little herd of horses living here. I wish we had a strong mare to take control, but the mare that could potentially do that in this herd seems to be pretty intimidated by Kvistur forcefull way often I think he is just bored and wants to play with the others, but his very physical way of playing is a bit to much for the others most of the time. I will have my hands full when I hopefully soon will start working more with Kvistur again, no doubth about that.

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