April 21, 2006

Blogger doesn't work without Captain

I was wondering what was wrong with Blogger earlier today when I tried to write in here ... now I figured it out. Captain was missing, now that he is back here with me it works like a bliss.
I had the face to throw out Captain during the night as I was a bit tired of him interrupting my sleep. It is nice to have him sleeping next to me when he is calm, but when he gets playful during the night I sometimes have to throw him out, I just don't get any sleep when he thinks it is fun to try and catch my foot or other crazy ideas he has and most often it ends up with me getting a scratch or two.

Yesterday I was out doing geophysics work on my own for the first time, until now I have always had someone more experienced with me out, but this time I was out alone. Things went really great, I get ever more happy for my job as geophysical fieldworker, I am out in nature, doing meaningfull work for the enviroment, using my body's strenght and I even get paid for it :)
I wish I could tell more about my work, but I don't really know how much I can put on the web, I could tell a lot more than I do for sure, but I am afraid that suddenly it slips and I tell something that did not belong on the web, so better to tell a bit to little than to much.

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