April 22, 2006

A day in the hammock

Gosh it's already 22 pm, I must have been sitting reading in my hammock for 6 hours then. I guess there are good things by being swallowed by a book ... who would have thought that The SAS Survival Guide could be this interesting ;)
Captain left some hours ago after having lied with me in the hammock for some time, he has been in here all day while I have been away so I understand that he needed to get out and get some exercise and it seems blogger works OK without him lying on my lap right now.

From the morning I have been taking care of Mia (a handicapped girl that I am babysitting from time to time ... I don't know if I mentioned her before in this blog) for 4 hours today, she was in a particularly good mood today and the weather has been wonderful with high sun, so it has been a pure pleasure taking care of her today. I was a bit amazed that she had set her mind on going walking, usually I have to halfway drag her the first 500 meters or so, but today she was running for the road almost without me leading her in the direction.

When I left Mia to the other babysitter (actually it was not the plan that I was to take care of Mia today, but she was not able to show up as early as it was needed), I took Kvistur out for a little ride with his new rider Maria. She is a 14 year old girl that has been riding some horses here for some time and today she asked me how I felt about her riding Kvistur. I have been thinking about this for some time, as I don't really have the time to ride him as much as it takes to keep him in shape. So I agreed with her that we should give it a try and it went very well, both Kvistur and Maria seemed pleased. I think she will be a good rider for Kvistur, she is pretty skilled for a 14 year old girl and very gentle with him. I will try to teach her a thing or two when she is out riding him and will always be there whenever she is riding him for the first many times, just to make sure that this works out OK.

I don't think I really have had anything to eat today ... I'd better make myself some kind of dinner now.

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