April 24, 2006

To hot for a coat

Today the weather has been sunny, almost to hot for me. After having been in Bjerringbro from the morning until noon, it had gotten pretty hot when I returned home to my hut.
I'd mention for those that don't know me all that well, that I am not very tolerant to heat, generally speaking when the temperature is above 20 degC outside I am starting to feel a slight discomfort and if the temperature rises even more, I don't feel that my mind is working the way it should anymore.
That is only one of the primary reasons why I prefer to travel to latitudes higher or similar to Denmarks when I do travel abroad (which I have not been doing a lot lately).

I have enjoyed the sunshine today. Spring for sure is here now, a few trees have already come into leaf while most only have green buds which will soon burst. It won't be long until the forest is all light green, when this happens the forest is perhaps at it's prettiest here in Denmark all season. I look very much forward to this.

After returning home talking to Kvistur, I noticed I felt it very hot inside the coat I was wearing and at the same time my hands were filled with white hairs when I was striking Kvistur, so I figured I'd better help us both out of the coat. It was a lot easier to get mine of (it took no more than a few seconds) compared to helping Kvistur with dropping a bit of his coat. I spend something like an hour currycombing Kvistur and afterwards tried to take a picture of the hair blanket we left behind. It is not easy to show in a picture just how much hair Kvistur got rid of today, but it sure was a lot and he still has a lot of his winter coat on. I hope that there will be birds that make good use of the hairs, I will be keeping my eye out for white nests in the area.

This evening I finally pulled myself together to bake some bread. I didn't think of buying groceries when I was in Bjerringbro or travelling through Ans today and the only thing I was really low on was bread, so I figured that it was very much worth the "time investment" to bake the bread today. I don't think I really save a lot of money baking my own bread as I use quite expensive flour, I am a big fan of spelt. But then again, the bread tastes a lot better (which sadly also means that it does not last as long) and is probably also healthier when I bake it myself.

I have been thinking of buying myself a little grinding mill and then buying ungrinded corn, that way I could probably save money on baking my own bread, corn also is even easier to store than flour, but I am in a bit of dilemma wether I should buy a hand powered grinding mill or an electrical one first. I am certain that I will prefer the hand powered one in some kind of survival situation where electrical power is not as easily available as it is now.
For now I think I am going to stay with buying flour, but keep my eye out for a used hand powered grinding mill.

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