April 26, 2006

A bikers day

Captain is here in my lap, I was about to start writing here but it didn't feel right without me at least checking if Captain was outside in the stables and wanted to get back in here. I found Captain lying in the straw, where he had made himself a little nest and seemed quite comfy. It looked as he had been lying there for at least some hours from how nice the straw stayed bend after Captain body even after he left his resting place.
I wish I could what Captain has been doing here in his log, but he doesn't seem to be all to informative ... I do think he has been down in the swamp here from how dark his paws are ... he is cleaning them right now.

Yesterday was a bikers day for me, after again having been in Bjerringbro in morning, at noon I left for Viborg. There I went to something called a bikeshop to see if I could not find some good motorcycle clothes.
When I got into the shop I met a man, not all that high, broad-shouldered, bald and with a solid full beard. After having served the last costumer he asked me if he could be of help and I told him of my errand. He then said that I should talk to Mads at that shop who knew everything about mc-clothes. Mads showed up shortly after that, in looks pretty much an exact copy of the man I had just been talking to. Mads was very helpful, was able to answer my every question well and also was very kind. For once I actually enjoyed spending trying different kinds of clothing etc. in that shop, otherwise other than in computer shops I do my best to avoid having to go into stores as seldom as possible. Anyhow it ended up with me having everything I need for a long motorcycle trip, helmet, jacket, trousers, boots and gloves and I was one very positive experience richer, some thousand kroner poorer, but not as many as I feared, so I can only give my very positive recommendation of Bikeshoppen in Viborg.

After having shopped I went to my first lessons in course that I am taking to get a mc-drivers license. All in all a very positive experience, I like my teacher and his attitude. He drives a Ducati 916 himself, which in my brother, Dan's, world is a very positive sign.
Driving teachers are a very special people. The one I had a when I took my car-drivers license last year was also a motorcyclist who had also been racing when he was younger and he also drove a Ducati 916.
I wonder if it has to do with my big brother that I for some reason keep on running into driving teachers riding Ducati ;)
I do wish I was able to follow the motoGP, Caparossi, my favorite rider seems to be doing quite well this season. But following the MotoGP would involve me getting at least a television and probably also a satellite dish. The only positive addition to my life there would be Eurosport and Discovery Channel (and maybe an American football match now and then) while the drawbacks might very well be me wasting time looking at stupid things that I don't really want to see, but when I am feeling down just sitting down in front of the TV is such an easy solution, so I don't think I will get a TV right now, another reason is that I don't have the room for it here in my small hut.

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