April 27, 2006


Captain doesn't seem to be interested in getting indoor right now ... I don't blame him the weather is nice today, sunshine and quite a bit of wind. I have been enjoying it all day, which probably is a good idea as the forecast for the five next days is rain, rain and rain. That also is nice, the things I love the most about the weather on this wonderful planet is the changes. Especially here in Denmark the weather is very unpredictable, there is no pattern as stable as the pattern they have in the monsoon areas. If there is nothing else to talk about the weather is always a topic of conversation in Denmark.

Yesterday a news story of the same kind was that the beech had been spotted coming into leaf ... not in this area yet, but still I plan to take a little detour to my mc-drivers license classes this evening to take a walk through the forest.

Lately I have also spotted something that for me was the definitive proof that OpenOffice has now passed by MSOffice, I just installed it ooffice again as I needed it to edit some excel files, I usually don't use office kind of programs a lot. But then I noticed something nice, when creating a new document there is an option to create a formula, I have tested it a bit and it works well.
As a physics student I have often been sitting being very annoyed with Microsoft Equation Editor. I have often been thinking about getting better at learning LateX, but until now I have not gotten to it and now it seems that OpenOffice meets my demands in this regard. In my eyes a great achievement for the open source community.

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