April 28, 2006

The sudden feeling of loneliness

Suddenly I feel a bit lonely. It has been a good day so far, but now I have just tried calling 3 different friends and no one answered the phone. To begin with I just wanted to continue my efficiency of the day, so far I have been to Ans and get an examination from my doctor that is mandatory if you want a new drivers license, then I was at the local bank in Ans paying a fee to the police that I need to pay for every test for every time I want to take the tests for a drivers license. Hopefully I will only have to pay this once for my motorbike drivers license, but if I fail a either the theoretical or the practical part of the test I will have to pay the fee again to be allowed to make another test.
When I got home I have been looking a bit on the tax, where we in Denmark have to tell the tax-authorities how much we earn, I have to report in my earning of 2005 before the 1st of may and that is a bit difficult because of the money I earn taking care of Mia, in 2005 I was not aware that I had to pay tax of these money all year, so I have not kept a good record of the money I earned, but I think I will be able to make at least a decent estimate of what I earned.
After having done that I just wanted to call Ellen, whose house I am going to take care of next month. But I figured out I did not have their number, so I tried calling two different numbers of good friends who I know have the number but none of them picked up the phone. Then for some reason I decided to call my brother (who does not have Ellens phonenumber), just to take to him, it has been a while, but he also did not answer the phone, even though his online schedule does say he is doing anything ... and now I suddenly realize that I am feeling a bit lonely. The only person I have talked to today was the doctor and all we talked about was these test that he were doing checking that nothing was wrong with me that should be taken into consideration for me getting a drivers license for motorbike.

Usually I don't mind not talking to anyone for weeks at a time (that actually happens), but lately it has gotten more and more difficult for me. I think it has a lot to do with me not being able to talk to my closest friend right now, she is in Alaska and I have no way of reaching her, not even a postal address and that is really difficult for me to handle.

I have not seen a beech that has sprung into leaf yet, but a lot of other trees and bushes have sprung into leaf and that is very beautiful. I enjoy it a lot and it makes me happy inside to see this beautiful light green color that young new leafs have. When walking around, I get the feeling that nature is in a hurry after the early spring here in Denmark has been cold, everything shoot on the trees is blooming or very close to blooming and it is a pure pleasure walking out in nature right now. Also my new motorcycle jacket is nice to wear (even though it is a bit heavy because of all the protection and padding) and keeps wind and rain perfectly out, that just makes it even nicer to be outside, even in spite of the rain that is starting to fall now.

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