April 17, 2006


When I was out working with geophysics field work last week I had a lot of wonderful experiences, spending so much time in nature from sunrise to sunset, but one experience stands a bit out from the rest.

We had just been lying out 400 meters of cable and the machinery sending the current to the spears along the line was ticking happily away (we were doing CVES). My co worker Tommy had just gone to the other end of the cable to pick up spears and roll up the cable on the first 100 meters that was done being used.
I was lying in the grass among some low spruce trees listening to the machine ticking away and enjoying the wonderful spring sunshine. Suddenly two deer, a male and a female, came running just 5 meters away from me jumping over the cable and disappearing.
I slowly sat up feeling very happy inside because I had been blessed with this experience, then some seconds later a third young female deer comes walking slowly even closer than the two other deer had been running past me. When she sees me she doesn't run like I expected her to do but she just looks at me with her wonderful big black eyes. I am sitting there holding back my breath this way for maybe 10 seconds when the deer then slowly turns the side to me and walks on.
I was so happy for the rest of the day and even thinking back at the experience today I can't help but smiling.

We also came across deer farms during the work, where we had to lie out lines in through the fencing for these deer, here we also get to see deer and Tommy even found one antler from that a deer had been dropping and that the owners had been looking for for many months.

Yesterday when taking care of Mia (a handicapped girl, that I am "babysitting" from time to time) we drove to an animals park inside Silkeborg. It was a very nice day and both Mia and I enjoyed it a lot, there we also saw a lot of deer. One of the flocks were resting among the trees, just lying there and their only reaction when me and Mia walked past them on the path ~30 meters away was looking our way but not one of them got up.

In the past I have also been pretty close to deer, especially when I have been on horseback as a horse with rider does not scare the animals the way a human alone does. I treasure every one of these experiences deeply.

I don't understand how anyone can ever kill these graceful wonderful creatures. They truly are a blessing to this wonderful planet.

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