April 17, 2006

Temporary location

Captain is not here right now ... he resisted me a bit when I threw him out the door this morning, but I don't want him to be indoors all the time.

It seems I am not able to publish this blog on www.bargheer.dk as I would like to, but I have contacted my webserver about this and hopefully they will tell me how to do it ... until then I will be writing in the blog here.

I succeeded in breaking this desktop once again two days ago, I was moving to modular X in Gentoo and had a dozen problems along the way. I am up and running again now but only with 16 bits of color depth and also English keyboard layout. Which is nice for programming and writing here, only I have to get used to the new positions of special keys which does not match what is printed on the physical keyboard and the three Danish letters are not a part of this codepage, so I will change back to Danish layout when I have had my breakfast.
I guess one should able to have two physical keyboards working with different codepages in Linux. That is another little project for when I have plenty of time on my hands, I do have plenty of keyboards lying around as I have for a long time been looking for the perfect keyboard, but so far I have not found it and am again using one of the old versions instead of the fancy ones I have tested, it just has a better feel.

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