April 15, 2006

Post number one

Here we are, we made it captain ... this is the blog.

I (Arne), Captain and Kvistur will be writing in here from time to time.
Captain will probably be lying here on my lap a lot when we write in this log as he is now.

I was convinced to start this blog yesterday as me and my brother talked a bit about blogging and I tried to convince him to start writing something in his blog again as I have enjoyed reading it and it is a nice way to at least have the feeling that I know a bit about what is going on I my brothers life when we both are bad at the discipline of "staying in touch".

I think Captain likes the idea of making a weblog. He got his rank yesterday and he seems to agree with me that any captain should have a log of some kind, so this log now officially belongs to Captain.

I have been giving it a bit of thought as to what language I should write this log in. The rest of my website is in Danish (for now at least. I have often thought of translating it, but until now I have not had the time and/or energy), but I ended up concluding that all the Danes that I would like to read what I publish in here do understand English well enough and there are a few people out there that does not understand Danish that I would also like to give the opportunity to follow this blog. So English it is!

Well this was the first post, at least this has been started not, time will have to show what is going to become of this.

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