April 30, 2006

Puppy sitting and childhood memories

In the coming week I will not be as much online as I have been lately, so I might not be posting as much as I have done lately.

I am going to take help some friends by taking care of their house and their 10+ labrador puppies , I am not exactly sure how many they are, but I know there is more than 10 in two litters.
I look very much forward to this. As a kid our dogs (during all of my childhood we pretty always had two grown up labradors) had litters pretty much every season, when I think back that was one of the biggest joys of my childhood. I loved these little dogs so much, I knew nothing better than spending the entire day with them. We (my little brother, me and our friends) made little races where we tried to teach the dogs to follow us when we ran and then competed who could first get past a finish line with the dog.
The worst part of it all was when the dogs were sold or died. I only remember once when one puppy had been staying out on the road and we found it dead at the side of the road, there was no comforting of me that day, I was devastated. I hated the people that came to look at the puppies when we had to sell them, these puppies meant so much to me. One when they had started selling the puppies and only one was left and this dog was my favorite of them all, an elder woman had been there to look at it and I then went to my father with all my savings (I think it was 50 kr) gave them to my father and said I wanted to buy that dog. I guess I got to the heart of my father there, because he called the sweet lady and told her that she could not have that dog anyhow and we kept her, Bitten was her name. I so miss our dogs from back then.

I look very much forward to be taking care of these little puppies next week. I wish I could cancel all my appointments and not go to work, just spend the entire day with the puppies, but now that I have grown up, that isn't as easy to do. There also is a few horses to that I will have to take care of, so I will have my hands full, but every single moment I can I will spend together with the puppies.

I hope that Captain and Kvistur will do alright, there will people to look after them and they have their nice warm stable and I will also be back here now and then, so I guess they will be, but I hate it every time I have to leave them for a longer period of time.

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