May 06, 2006

More time to blog in the coming time

It seems I will have the time to write somewhat more in my Captains blog in the coming time.

Me and some of my good friends had a little get together this evening and we started it with a game of football. I already have a broken toe, but I thought I'd be OK if I just only used the other foot to kick. The toe did do OK, but trying to protect the toe I think I somewhere put to much pressure on the right foot. It is probably a sprained ankle, from the way the foot swallows and where the pain is most intense that is my best guess. I'll have to wait until Monday to find out, there the doctor will be open again. I don't think I need to use the emergency doctor for a "normal" sprained ankle like this.

It doesn't feel as bad as the last time I had a sprained ankle, that was in Norway in a little hut far away from everything. This time I was able to hump myself to a chair and as far as I remember I was not able to put any weight on the foot afterwards in Norway. Now after the foot has swallowed I am not really able to use it anymore. Anyhow I wasn't that old when I sprained my ankle in Norway, maybe I don't feel pain as intensely anymore.

I read somewhere that if you in are in an emergency situation and you sprain an ankle, do not take of your boots. As the foot swallows inside the boot that in itself creates some kind of support that makes you able to walk on the foot (even though the pain will be bad and it is not healthy for the healing process). If you do take of your boot chances are that you will not be able to get it back on and if you for some reason do need to move then you are will not be able to walk anymore.
Anyhow I have been trying to do RICE treatment for the last few hours. I will put on some hours for the next 20 minutes. I don't think there is much else to do.

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