April 29, 2006

Absent-minded me

Today I have made quite a few stupid mistakes.

I started the day, after having gotten out of bed, with wanting to turn in my tax information electronically through a webpage made for the purpose, but I was not able to remember my password. So I ended filling out the paper version and taking the bike to Ans to post the papers. That was all well, no problems there, but after having posted the letter I just wanted to go get some bread a store. When leaving the bike outside the store I do a movement that I don't really think about, I have done it so many times so it is almost kind of a reflex. After having taken a few steps away from the bike I realize that this movement was not the wisest thing I could have done, as I don't have any keys in my pockets and the movement I did was locking the rear tire of the bike.
So after having bought the bread I had to pay for what I don't have in the head with my back. I took the bike on one shoulder and walked on home. That is something like 4 kilometers uphill. Underway I found some thrown away isolation plastic that works well as padding to distribute the load a bit over my shoulder. I don't feel sore in the shoulder anymore now, so I guess it wasn't to bad. The weather was also nice, so I guess it was just healthy exercise.

Anyhow back home, being my usual confused, I figure I'd better give my boots a workover, as it was needed and I am going to work Monday, probably with some amounts of mud around the feet. I clean the boots with water, saddle soap and give them some leather grease. Afterward I decide that some Snow Seal might also be in place, so I heat the oven to 100 degC and put my boots in there (Snow Seal works best when melted into the boots). I think that the next thing I do is make myself some tea and I forget everything about the boots in the oven. When lying down to take a nap 5-6 hours later I suddenly come to think of the boots in the oven. It doesn't seem that the boots have been damaged in any way and they have been giving a thorough treatment with Snow Seal, but still it isn't the smartest thing I have done for some time.

I guess things like these comes with being as absent-minded as I am, and it doesn't get better when I am feeling a bit down like I am today. Multitasking has never been something that I have been extremely good at, a problem I share with many others of my own sex I think ;)

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