January 05, 2008

Motorcycle training by Tux Racing?

I have been playing a bit of this game Tux Racer lately, it is a wonderful little game very well designed and shows nicely that open source software can do really neat things ... also I think it is one of the few things that pushes my overpowered system here to the edge, it is the only thing where I can feel a really big improvement after having installed 2 extra GB of Ram moving to 3GB of dual-ram on that this machine (P4 3GHz, 400 MHz FSB). Now this game is really floating along with all the graphical features turned on.

Playing this game gives me a little bit of the same feeling I have when riding my motorcycle "to the edge" of what I am able to ride it.
So I kind of tell myself that the time I am wasting playing tux-racer is good training of my motorcycle skills here in the winter where I don't get so many kilometers on the road ... I have been out a few times just to keep the engine oiled, the gasoline from going old and the battery from dying, but it really is freaking cold out there :)
Anyhow I just hope that I don't some day see a hearing on the road and do a dive to get to it on the motorcycle :)

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