December 18, 2006


I am not going to comment on the political side of this stuff, I really don't have an opinion on that.

There has been some pretty heavy street fighting in Copenhagen a few days ago, the autonomous (are they called that in English too?) have this house in the middle of Copenhagen that they are fighting for but the law says that they have to go as the house is now owned by someone else.
So far my impression is that the house has been used by some pretty peaceful danish youngsters who have had this place as a kind of musical scene and a place where they can do what they like without parents and others interfering.
Anyhow with the authorities wanting to shut down the place, the people around Ungdomshuset have been sending out this international invitation. I think this was where things started going in a nasty direction.

My feeling is that these people from the autonomous environment have now big time taken over the leadership of this place. These people (or at least some of them) are really dangerous from what I know of them (primarily from the time where I was still politically active and among other things were pretty involved in the so called Castor transports to Gorleben) many of them are not afraid of violence (maybe even being the opposite of afraid of it) and they are very experienced in fighting the police, that is police that is a lot harsher than the danish police (like the German police, that at times act more like a military force than a police force, for example in Gorleben).
There is a lot of anger in these people, I never really understood what message they are trying to put out (I have a feeling there really isn't much of a message other than the anger), but I sure do feel the anger in it, they always scared me even though I have been among many of them in demonstrations and such in the past.

I am really afraid that the situation around Ungdomshuset can get really really nasty, I am afraid that the danish authorities are not really aware how dangerous this situation is.
I hope and pray for a peaceful outcome of all of this.

For those of you able to read danish this article from a danish newspaper is quite interesting.

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