December 21, 2006

A little puzzle

This is solvable without guessing (it's not that hard):

  • every house has it's own color
  • all residents have a different nationality
  • they all have different pets
  • all of them drink different drinks
  • they all smoke different brands of cigarettes
  1. There are 5 houses
  2. The Englishman lives in the red house
  3. The Swede has a dog
  4. In the green house they drink coffee
  5. The Dane drinks tea
  6. The green house is left of the white one
  7. The person that smokes Long has a bird for pet
  8. In the yellow house they smoke Kings
  9. In the center house they drink milk
  10. The Norwegian lives in the first house
  11. The person smoking Cecil, lives in the house next to where the pet is a cat
  12. In the house next to where there is a horse, they smoke Kings
  13. The person smoking North state drinks beer
  14. The German is smoking Prince
  15. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house
  16. Water is the drink, next to there where Cecil is being smoked
The big question:
Where does the Zebra live?

If you have got the answer then try and check it against my answer. If you have a different answer that still fits the description that would be quite interesting (I am not totally certain that the solution I came up with is the only possible).


Tarje said...

Yo, bro. I think that the puzzle is impossible to solve, if you don't substitute

"The green house is left of the white one"


"The green house is next to and left of the white one"

(so that it cannot be understood as the green house being left of, in any distance from the white one)

At least I was completely stuck, until I realized that if I tried interpreting the text as above.

With this interpretation, I was able to deduce the solution forth (hence it should be unique).

Arne said...

Maybe you are right ... I don't know, that wasn't how it was written in the Danish text that I translated this from, but then again I think I just assumed it was the case that it was next to the white one when I made my solution.

Is there another possible solution if you choose to interpret it so that the houses could be further apart?