December 29, 2006

Pictures: Trækstien from Ans and almost to Kongensbro.

I have just been putting some new pictures on my homepage.

They were taken on a walk along a path called Trækstien (pdf link) which is a long walking path that goes on the northern/eastern side of Tange sø but that is just a little part of it, the entire path is from Silkeborg to Randers, I guess walking it in its full length is at least two day travels (with good speed). I walked from Ans to Kongensbro but ran out of batteries for my camera along the way, the path where the pictures are from is something like the northern shore of Tange Sø on this map.

I parked the car not so far from Ans (just on the other side of the bridge leading over Tange Sø) and when I then got to Kongensbro I took the bus back to Ans. It a really beautiful trip, but I advice that if you bring really good footwear especially when the water is as high as it is now where parts of the path the path are very swampy.

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