December 28, 2006

Distance measurement on Google maps

Sure there are lots of little tools on the net for measuring the driving distance using asphalt roads, but sitting here trying to figure out if I can make a walk from Ans to Kongensbro along Tange sø and Gudenåen and if I shold take the bus back to Ans when I get to Kongensbro or walk back again, these tools were pretty useless.

That is when I realized that google maps is perfect for this, someone must have build something to measure distances along a chosen path. I am sure there are other tools out there but this one solved my need.

The distance from Ans to Kongensbro should be something like 7 km. along the water so I should be able to walk out and back home before the sun sets if I get out the door now. ... which means I should stop writing and get moving :)

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distance measurement said...

It’s a pretty interesting tool.