November 08, 2006

Nature experiences on the internet

About a month ago the danish environmental ministry and Danish Society for Nature Conservation launched a new little website, my best experience in nature.

This site let's people put a point at a map where they have had an enjoyable experience in nature in Denmark, write a bit about it and then there is a dot on the map where others can read about this experience.
Looking at the map is a bit awkward right now, there is a overweight of dots especially around Copenhagen, to me this map does in no way reflect where the best experiences are to be found. I think it better reflects where there is a lot of people living, where Danish Society for Nature Conservation has most of it's members and things like this. But if you are going to Denmark and want to experience nature then don't go after the amount of dots ;)

Also I think it reflects a bit of the way people view nature, here in Jutland it's more like something we are in most of the time, nature isn't as as much thought of as something we "visit", we are in nature all the time (and some of us go nuts if we are to be trapped in a city for more than a day or two).

Still the idea is nice, it's great looking at this map for inspiration for a spending a good day and getting new experiences. Hopefully the amounts of dots will grow as the service gets more used. There are lot's of wonderful places all over Denmark.

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