June 06, 2006

Hiding from the heat inside my hut

Today it is really summer weather here, and I am in my usual dilemma, it is to hot for me outside in the sun, but I can't help but feel bad about staying inside and not using the chance, now that the weather is suitable for doing many things outside.
It will get better as I get a little more used to this hot weather, but for now I am sitting here writing in Captains log.

It seems Captain is enjoying the weather more than I am, during the day he is most of the time outside, but in the evening, when the sun has set he does as he always does when he wants in. He hangs by the claws in one of the windows, scratching it a little and yelling to me that he would like me to open the door. He then spends the night here with me and in the morning he again goes out.
To begin with I often got quite chock when Captain did this hanging in the window, but by now I have gotten used to it.

From the weather forecast it looks like I will have to accept this weather for the rest of the day, I'd better somehow find a way to use it for the best.

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