May 09, 2006

Riding motorcycle with sprained ankle?

Morning ... I finally made it out of bed this morning. I guess my foot was kind of an excuse for staying in bed for a long time this morning. Sometimes that is a bad sign, that I am not able to find the power to get out of bed.
That was not the case this morning, this was one of these mornings where I was just following my dreams. Sometimes I am able to stay in this area in between sleep and being awake for hours, this "special room" where I am still dreaming but at the same time to some degree am able to control the dreams.
What these dreams where about I guess I'd better keep to myself or at least only share with those special few, that isn't something to put on a blog, sorry folks ;)

I plan to do quite a bit of training of my foot today. I have some motorcycle lessons on road planned for tomorrow and if it is possible I would like to do them. Fortunately it is my right foot that is hurt badly, this means the back wheel brake which doesn't need a lot of pressure to be activated. If it had been the left ankle it had been a bit more of a problem as that would have been the gear foot, which needs to do somewhat more difficult movements.
The other problem is if I will need to put down my foot for balance on the right side. It is going to hurt if I need to push of hard from that side, but it will only be a short kick ... I'll survive.
I just need to remember to gear down before I stop the bike ... I won't be able to put down the right foot to control the gears with the left foot.
This is all difficult to figure out in theory, the best I can do is to try and get my foot workings as well as possible before tomorrow, talk to my teacher see what he thinks and if he thinks it is OK then give it a try.

Well I'd better get out and do some running to get my foot into shape ... or maybe not ;)

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