May 08, 2006

A day without much happening, and then again ...

Today I was at the doctor with my ankle. She sent me to Vibrog for x-rays because she feared that there was a fracture in the foot. The fear luckily was without reason as the x-rays showed no damage to the bones.
Being at the hospital for the x-rays was a bit of a special experience, I don't have good memories from hospitals, I have this feeling that death is hanging in the walls there, but the x-ray department today was somewhat different from what I have experienced before, there was a totally different positive feeling there and for the first time I felt OK being at a hospital. It all didn't last much more than an hour, but still a positive experience that I will remember next time I have to set my foot in a hospital.

I have been sitting around most of the day in the sun, relaxing and keeping my foot high. One of my good friends got me to drive some garden tractor moving the lawn, it was nice to be able to do at least a little good after having been sitting not being able to do anything physically since last Saturday.

Today late on the afternoon I was able to put some weight on my foot without pain, so I have started to train the foot back up slowly. Things are going faster in the right direction than expected so that sure is nice.

Also this morning I heard from a very very close and dear friend again for the first time in months, this kind of made the day for me and nothing has been able to wipe the smile from my face.

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