May 19, 2006

Linus Thorvalds tells the truth about meetings

I have just been reading a nice interview with Linus Thorvalds and some of the comments that have been spinning of at the /. community

One of the things Linus says is:
For example I long ago decided I will never go to meetings again because I think face to face meetings are the biggest waste of time you can ever have. I think most people who work at offices must share my opinion on meetings. Nothing ever gets done. When things get done, you usually have someone come into your office to talk about it. But a lot of the time the real work gets done by people sitting, especially in programming, alone in front of their computers doing what they do best.
I for one agree with what he is says here.
In my "political past" I have been wasting so much time going to one meeting after the other. I got really good at these meeting, knowing exactly what to say when, how to give the things I wanted to present the best possible presentation etc.
But still it was always between the meetings that the real valuable work got done. I am so happy that I am done with all these political left wing movements, where I went to one meeting after the other without getting anywhere when I was at the meetings. Thinking back the only purpose these meetings served back then was that they were a kind of social event, a very big part of the very little social life I did have back then, but boy have I wasted a lot of time there.
I don't even want to try and make an estimate of just how much ... I fear I would end up in something like a year of my life, if I also count the "side expenses" in time of all these meetings.
Meetings sure is not something I miss from my political past ... living in trees is something I do miss, but I could just go build myself a new platform without having any political reason for doing so.


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