September 05, 2015

Support this man, one private person willing to do good and with the ability to make a real difference

We have a huge problem with people fleeing from Syria to Europe and most of Europe in general not acting very nicely towards these people who are in dire need.

I myself have thrown what little I can afford right now at "læger uden grænser" (danish department of Medecins Sans Frontieres ). Giving money to this (and many other emergency relief) organisation is  tax deductible in Denmark up to about 2000 Euro's so I also avoid those little bit of my taxes being abused by the politicians.

Naguib Sawiris is able to afford a lot more than me though.

A few days ago he has offered that if Greece or Italy would provide him with a suitable uninhabited island he will make this a home for 100.000 to 200.000 refugees, pay for housing and building a community for these people.

Even those heartless people (I am ashamed to be named a Dane with how our politicians and a big part of the population acts and not least talks about fellow human being) who do not think we can house a the current 4 millions refugees from Syria in Europe should be willing to support this idea.

So come on internet, let's try and build some momentum and pressure the Italian and/or Greek politician to follow up on this idea and offer from Naguib Sawiris (from what I read he is good for more then 2 million Euro's).

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