June 28, 2011

Positive enviromental activism

I think this initiative from Greenpeace is really good, trying to get in dialoge with WV to make them try and focus more on green technology might prove to be the way to go.

Help me in my Jedi training as I confront Volkswagen's threats to Planet Earth http://vwdarkside.com/en/jedi/arne-bargheer-50480

I kind of have lost faith ever more since some time in the late 1990'ies that we can prevent global warming from making our planet a place where we live and into a place where we survive.
In the last few years I have dispaired so much I have stopped doing anything, I guess the time for dispair is over for me ... time to get back to doing whatever little I can in my own little ways ... so guys (or whoever is reading this blog) come on, let's try and give WV that little push to do the right things.

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Jörg Priebe-Tiemann said...

Tillykke, når 4 point.
Indtil nu er 437926 mennesker fra den "oprør" samles.
Hver stemme tæller, at protestere mod VW er blokerende holdning til klimaforandringerne. Klik her: http://www.vwdarkside.com/de/jedi/jorg-priebe-tiemann-378754
Tak! Vi holde sammen!