April 21, 2010

Would Roethlisberger have been suspended if NFL was played in Europe/Denmark?

I'm pretty sure the answer to that question is no.

(to all those who don't know what I'm talking about, maybe this article will help you a bit on the way)

Being a longtime Steelers fan from Denmark, I have dropped my jaw a few times seeing the things that has happened this off season.
Sure the public would have been hard here in Denmark too. They would have been even worse in England thinking of the incidents with their National team in football (soccer version), but as far as I know the only thing that these incidents in England have caused directly sports related is a change of who was captain for England, where being captain for a soccer team is, as far as I know, mostly of symbolic value.

Now Rothlisberger get's suspended for something like 1/3 of a season for something for which he has never been convicted?
I don't know what really happened, only Ben Rothlisberger and maybe a few others know that ... but this really seems a bit crazy to me.
It kinda scares me.

Steelers also traded another top player, Santonio Holmes, because of similar stuff. I am really very uncertain of if Santonio even did ... someone else has taken the blame for that someone being hit by a glass in bar (not thereby saying that he is actually the one who threw the glass ... I will probably never know for certain). Still Holmes is now suspended for the first 4 games and has been traded to the Jets for much less than what he is really worth as a football player (a fifth round pick in the draft as I recall it)
Another move of shear madness in my eyes.

I guess maybe not as much madness if you look at it from a financial perspective which I bet Rooney also does. They have to please the fans and it seems the fans want this madness to be happening.

Oh well I don't think I will ever really understand what is going on here ... I live in Europe. I leave the judging to those who do it best (judges) ... or at least I try to ;)

I really hope that the madness doesn't get any worse and they trade Rothlisberger ... I'd have a hard time figuring out if I should cheer for Steelers or Rothlisberger's new team if that was to happen.

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