February 26, 2010

Apologizing is a good thing.

The Danish newspaper Politiken has brought what to me seems to be a very sensible apology to anyone they offended by bringing a certain drawing of a man with a bomb in his turban (according to the drawer he didn't even draw Muhammed, but I guess that's kind of isn't the point of this whole thing, people got pretty upset by it no matter what the intention of the drawing originally was).

What has me wondering is that quite a few danish politicians have already complained about this apology. That Dansk Folkeparti (the far right in danish politics) have complained was kinda to be expected, their propagandizing way of politics kind of demands it , but that other politicians do the same is a mystery to me.
Since when has it been a bad bring to apologize?
An apology here and there could have saved lots and lots of human lives and even more suffering through history.

I for one think that Politiken did a good thing.

Another press release about the apology and a bit of background

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