August 07, 2007

Gentoo and Daniel Robbins

I am an incarnated user of Gentoo Linux, for many years Gentoo has been the only operating system I have been using on the computers I own.
Ever since Daniel Robbins, the guy who created Gentoo, left the project because of money problems there has been a lot of problems finding the right structure within the Gentoo society, I think I will avoid commenting on it, lots of has been going on I hardly understand. My computers have been running as I wanted them to in the time I have been using Gentoo, and on the Gentoo Forums I have always found the help I needed to get the problems I had fixed, the problems seem to have been in "developer society" of Gentoo, not as much on the user level.
Anyhow it seems that Daniel together with others doing again is trying to find solutions to these problems after Daniel has been absent for some years. Daniels blog is quite interesting reading these days.

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