February 12, 2007

Slashdot, flamebait and sensitive topics

There has been quite a few topics that I have found interesting on Slashdot lately (check out my profile there, it is mainly those that I label geophysics as that is what I have been studying a lot), it probably has a lot to do with how global warming has been brought up a lot, both by Al Gore and then by the new UN report.

I have been somewhat annoyed by the moderators on the site. I really feel that I am trying my best to give sensible and meaningful comments to the articles that add something new. At times I write something stupid, but mostly I feel I succeed at doing so.

Still I am often moderated down, for example a comment I just gave on the topic of how low clouds formed by cosmic radiation had an effect on the global heating we have seen in the last 30 years or so. This comment was given to begin with given the moderations insightful and interesting, all nice, but then this moderation flamebait comes along and moderates me down. To begin with I got really frustrates over this, getting positive moderations on Slashdot is a good thing generally as it improves your credibility (they use the word karma for this, which I don't really like because of it's religious meanings).
Anyhow after looking a bit on the following comments I have to agree with whoever moderated me flamebait, my comment really did give way for some aggressive comments or political statements, so I guess I have been bait for flaming.
I no longer really care much for the political side of global warming, there was a time when this was something that concerned me a lot, but I no longer believe in that humans will be able to safe this earth, we have gone to far. (I have now found another hope in the Bible, but that is a totally different topic which you can look at my homepage for a little more information, as I don't wan't to give release some really serious flame bait here ;).
I am kind of glad that I no longer have a political position on this topic of global warming, I find it highly interesting still, but it no longer matters all that much to me what is being done politically, I try to do what I can myself to be the cause for release of too many particles that add to the greenhouse effect as possible, but the political system and the political side of this story is no longer something I want to be part of or I guess I am by writing this blog post and such, but I don't want to take any direct political action anymore would probably be a more correct way to state this.

Global warming has really turned into a hot political topic. I guess that begin was also part of the reason why I choose to study geophysics, I really thought that I was able to do something that way, for a better world and such, but I have since realized that the best I can do is to not do to much harm to the environment that I love and then spend my time on other things than trying to do a little change that is not going to mean anything really in the big picture.
I still have deep respect and understanding for those that do spend a lot of time trying to make political change for a better environment, I feel a bit sorry for having left them behind, people I really still care very much for, but I don't believe that putting my energy there is the right thing to do anymore.
Anyhow see you all on Slashdot soon again, probably from more flamebait from me even though I will try to avoid it, I guess I can't deny my opinions, but at least I don't spend my time sitting in treetops anymore :)


migaz said...

I really can't tell why moderators in /. acted in the way you describe.

Nevertheless I liked seeing how you write you know longer have a political interest in the subject of Global Warming. All interest now remains strictly in a personal level. I clicked quite right for me. I also really do not believe "we" as political global body will deal with the problem. I see it happening and I also see the addiction power structures and common citiziens alike have to its status quo. I have read how this pattern (ecological bust due to over exploitation of nature) repeats itself in a series of civilizations in the past. Why should our civilization should behave differently; because we have shinier toys?

So "Global Warming" turns a inward behavior and for the rest let it burn let it burn. Do my share, educate some people when in comes in front of me but no more illusions on something actually being done about it on a global scale. Any actions will come from the micro scale of individuals

Arne said...

Thank you for leaving this very interesting comment on my blog.

Some years ago I would have fiercely disagreed with the way you describes that political action is in vain when it comes to the environment although I, in the big lines, agree with what you say about what has been happening in the past history of the earth.

The reason that really made me change from being an extreme activist for the environment out where I was willing to sacrifice my life for the cause to now just wanting to do my best to not leave a bad mark actually is that I have learned what the Bible teaches about this subject.
It has been one of the biggest revelations of my life and it has lifted a huge burden from my shoulders where I before felt that I was at least partially responsible for changing the direction that humanity is moving which I felt certain would end up making lives something that is no longer lived, but being survived instead.
Know I know that God will not allow us to destroy this planet and that he will stop this madness.