January 06, 2007


Again I am inspired by /. for this blog post.

Vim, the text editor, has become a very dear tool for me. To begin with vim was quite a hassle to use, I don't remember what kept me at it, I guess the praise that others had for this little program and now that I have gotten the touch of it this is my favorite text editor, so I will join those that helped me get over the first steep learning curve in the hope that maybe I am going to be a little piece of the reason why another programmer will also adopt to Vim.

It is my experience that I am getting ever faster at writing code when using Vim and I keep on improving my speed, there are still many aspects of Vim I have not started really using.
I have found this little Vim Quick Reference Card (pdf) very handy to have next to the computer.

There is a ongoing dispute whether Emacs or Vim is the best editor for coding, I am not really able say anything on this as I have never really tried out Emacs, I can only give my warmest recommendations of Vim and if others are doing well with Emacs then that's fine.

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