December 25, 2006

Water rising

It has been all over the news this day, the water has risen high enough to take away the first lower lying inhabited Island, Lohachara, some thousand people have lost their home.

If it hadn't already done so this should be the final evidence needed for changing the discussion from if the water is rising as to why it is rising.

Lohachara is only going to be the first of a lot of land mass lost in the coming time.

Here in Denmark we had a big flooding a month ago or so because of strong winds from the north that pushed water into the inner Danish ocean from two sides.
I know of at least one place on Lolland where the dikes broke and have not yet been reestablished, it's only 155 acres but still it's not only far away from Denmark we are going to feel the effect of this.
Many places on Lolland where I grew up are quite low and many other areas are too.

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