May 27, 2006

Well done Basso and Voigt

Right now I sit here regretting a bit that I don't have a TV with Eurosport.
I have just read about how Ivan Basso triumphed big time on the second last stage of Giro d' Italia. I would have loved to follow this stage on TV.
I am really impressed by the way Ivan Basso has been riding in this Giro d' Italia, I like his style of riding and competing on bike. Miguel Indurain is still my favorite biker of all times, but Ivan Basso is also a very sympathetic rider.
I do really enjoy watching bike racing on TV, when I was still living on Lolland I followed Tour de France whenever I was able to, I guess my fascination of bike-racing is because it is the only sport that I have ever been really good at. I never really competed, but when I was on Nakskov Gymnasium I had something like 20 km. to school which I was riding on bike almost every day. I got in pretty good shape and could without much problems overtake the flocks of competition riders that I sometimes met or at least hang unto them without too much effort. I also biked some quite long distances a few times, I think I have done the trip from Lolland to Århus on one day about 10 times and a lot of other long trips also.
Another thing I enjoy about bike racing is the tactical part of it, especially in the long tours, the team structure of cycling is a very interesting and fascinating thing to me.
Now that I am at the topic I'd like to applaus Jens Voigt for the way he left the victory to Juan Manuel Gara­te on yesterdays stage of Giro d' Italia because he didn't feel he deserved to win because he had only been hanging on to the break-away without participating. That was a truly big gesture and one of the bigger moments of this years Giro d' Italia in my book.


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