May 13, 2006

Tough exercise

I wonder if I will ever learn to plan ahead?

Last evening I suddenly figured out that I am to take care of Mia this weekend and I am still not of the crutches. My co-babysitter was not able to stand in for me with this short notice.
Today was only two hours of taking care of Mia, but boy was it two tough hours. Mia didn't take long to figure out that she is now able to run away from me, it was a fight to follow along with her on the crutches and just try to keep some kind of control of what was going on.
Tomorrow I will have to find some other kind of solution. I can't follow Mia for 5-8 hours, my arms are hurting now after just two hours.
I hope that I will able to make an agreement with one of my good friends here in the area that they will help me, either by letting me and Mia visit them or by coming here to help me take care of Mia.

Anyhow it seemed like Mia had a great day today, that's a good thing for sure, but boy am I tired of not being able to use my foot.
I am a bit worried that something worse that the ankle is more than just sprained. If things don't get better soon I will talk to the doctor about it on Monday.


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